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Me and my daughter are with Coronavirus



the Coronavirus

Right now of the Madness Chronicles, we'll investigate the frenzy of the Coronavirus. Keep in mind, the frenzy is a condition of being intellectually sick, 

particularly harshly, incredibly stupid conduct, and a condition of excited or disorderly movement. We should investigate the frenzy occurring in America. by Coronavirus

on the morning

My girl called from Utah today with news their Governor had pronounced a highly sensitive situation. He reported no social affairs of more than 100 individuals.

 She went for a standard outing to Walmart for staple goods and found a crazy house. She sent pictures.

 The racks are exposed! She portrayed a scene directly out of the motion pictures. Umm It, seems, by all accounts, to be a condition of excited and tumultuous action. 

the highly sensitive situation in Montana. 

Another little girl called and portrayed void racks where tissue remained in a Walmart close to us in Montana. There are presently reports of bathroom tissue and hand sanitizer deficiencies across the nation.Because of the increase in cases of coronavirus 

 Inquisitively, cleanser stays in plenitude. Our Montana Governor, becoming aware of the bathroom tissue lack, announced a highly sensitive situation in Montana. 

forty individuals have been tried

In the Governors press proclamation, he recognized that no instances of the infection have been found, albeit forty individuals have been tried, all negative.

 In any case, he said that by 'authoritatively' announcing a highly sensitive situation, he could quickly make $16 million accessible, and it would permit him to call up the Montana National Guard. 

Being snappy even in my mature age, I thought, will the gatekeeper have the option to shield us from the infection? 

My Utah little girl got back to after returning home and disclosed to us that the Mormon church declared they'd be shutting all gatherings beginning Monday, March 16.This is due to the large rise in cases
Corona Virus

 Once more, being snappy in my mature age, I thought, umm, I surmise the infection can't get anybody until the sixteenth.

 Fascinating? Be that as it may, before my significant other and I got back after our girls call the Mormon church had rethought and reported they were dropping all congregation gatherings worldwide until further notification. Possibly I diverted an idea there way, you never know. 


The scene depicted above is being rehashed across America. Starting a few days back, Washington state revealed I accept nine passings from the Coronavirus. 

Yet, if you burrow somewhat more profound, you discover all were old and living in nursing homes. Also, none, as in zero, had been medicinally affirmed to have kicked the bucket of the infection.

 They were just 'suspected' of biting the dust from the infection. Could there be some incredibly silly conduct by the

  are media going on here? You choose. 

The NBA reported they were thinking about not permitting fans into games. With that news, oneself named King of Everything, Lebron James, let the world realize HE would not be playing before void seats.

 A few days after the fact, an individual from the Utah Jazz tried positive for the infection with Coronavirus, and the NBA out of nowhere declared they were dropping the whole season. A solid response for one player tainted. 

NCAA & Coronavirus

The NCAA had recently declared that their ball competition, March Madness would be played before just relatives and the media.

 We as a whole realize they can't be contaminated. What's more, the tumbleweed of franticness picked up force universities, secondary schools, and grade schools are declared closings. 

Also, did you realize the Surgeon General declared seasonal influenza is to a greater degree of danger to youngsters than the Coronavirus? 

"Never let an emergency go to squander

In some cases franticness is virtuoso. Recollect when Saul Alinsky, he is Karl Marx 4.0, stated, "The issue is never the issue." Think about that for a moment.

 At that point consider previous Chicago Mayor and Obama Chief of Staff, Rahm Emmanuel said, "Never let an emergency go to squander.

" Think about that for two or three minutes. And afterward, consider this... for a long time. 

Americans less free

Inside about a month and a half of the fear monger assaults on September 11, 2001, the Patriot Act was slammed through Congress with just one disagreeing vote. 

The Act was, all things considered, because of an emergency. Isn't that so? It removed heaps of individual rights, extended observation controls, and made Americans less free. Fascinating? 

Imagine a scenario where I revealed to you the Patriot Act arrangements were composed sometime before 9-11. State what?

 A lot of it was composed during President Reagans' time in office. Be that as it may, the proposition was dismissed by Congress. More was included under President Bush, Bush the Older.

 The plans were again denied by Congress. Enter President Clinton and the Oklahoma City besieging. Blast! An emergency. 


Imagine a scenario where I revealed to you the Patriot Act arrangements were composed some time before 9-11. State what? A lot of it was really composed during President Reagans' time in office.

 Be that as it may, the proposition were dismissed by Congress. More was included under President Bush, Bush the Older. 

The plans were again denied by Congress. Enter President Clinton and the Oklahoma City besieging. Blast! An emergency. 

 Death Penalty

Quickly following the Oklahoma City bombarding came the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act (AEDPA). What's more, that enactment contained a considerable lot of the proposed laws set forth by Reagan, Bush, and Clinton.

 Emergencies within reach and Congress finished it without a hitch. Perceive how it functions? 

Growing government guideline, trouble passing enactment, present an emergency, and you have the arrangement.

Isn't that entrancing and upsetting simultaneously?
Might it be able to be a unimportant strategy of the Deep State? You choose. 

The towers of the World Trade Center came slamming down, and like Houdini Bush, the Younger has the arrangement 'composed' and spent in about a month and a half. 

Presto' The Patriot Act! The Patriot Act finished the enactment of three past Presidents. Isn't that shrewd? Our chosen authorities may really have an arrangement all things considered? 


For what reason would our present emergency, the Coronavirus, be any extraordinary? It might turn out a savage infection that assaults the world.

 Or then again it might be a bogus banner. You be the adjudicator. Be that as it may, recall, the issue is never the issue and never let an emergencies go to squander. 

May we wake from this frenzy before it's past the point of no return. I wish you great wellbeing and until next time... have a ton of fun, appreciate life, and watch out for the frenzy among us. 

Ed Kugler is a resigned Fortune 50 official, a Marine Scout Sniper during the Vietnam War and the writer of a few books.

 He is right now the President of Last Chance Patriots, a gathering of similar individuals endeavoring to carry mental soundness to their state. Ed lives with his significant other of 50 years on a serene mountain in Montana.