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Supplication: America's Hope

Supplication: America's Hope 

Supplication: America's Hope
Supplication: America's Hope 

 America's Hope 

America's hopelessness depended on the foundation and data that our chances are provided to us from the Creator. American hope resources It is odd to me that God is one of the last places we think to scan for the modifying of our chances Americans hope the program

We rally and whoop to the organization, America hopelessly divided

 "Give us our chances back!"

 We protest to our friends and family and we moan before the TV. For longer than a year, Tea Parties and like social events have drudged to demand of the organization, pick new pioneers, and avert horrendous bills. 

Until this point in time, America hopes credit

 the new pioneers have misled us, the organization ignores us, and bills get passed discreetly in the night. The more we fight, the tenser we become, yet little has changed. 

People are by and by aware of the befuddled power selling out
American hope resources grant
our country anyway no one understands what to do.