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Baba Dwarkanath Sentenced to 25 Years Because of sex

Baba Dwarkanath Sentenced to 25 Years

Baba Dwarkanath Sentenced to 25 Years
Baba Dwarkanath Sentenced to 25 Years

baba dwarka nath ka bhajan

sacred men

Baba's thus called sacred men are the most despicable aspect of India, and even as the administration prisons two, another four rise.

When open consciousness of the job of the Baba's is high. the instances of assault by these blessed men are not going down. 

India's preeminent tantric Baba Asa Ram and Ram Rahim Singh have been imprisoned on charges of different assaults.

 News 18 has revealed another unusual situation where a tantric named baba Dwarkanath tricked a youthful spouse to his ashram and in the wake of sending her better half 

away to do a strict custom more than once had fornication with of her body on the appearance of relieving her stomach disease. 

The occurrence occurred in the ashram of the baba in Vrindavanclose to Mathura in UP, India. 

Baba Dwarkanath's wicked arrangement 

The woman who was a firm adherent to the forces of the Baba Dwarkanath visited the Ashram situated in Mathura locale near Vrindavan alongside her significant other and four-year son. 

Both the couple met the baba Dwarkanath, and the woman looked for the baba's assistance in relieving a repetitive stomach affliction. 

The Baba exhorted the couple to remain in the ashram for the evening and assigned a space to them on the primary floor. 

Around evening time the Baba went to live with an earthen light (diva) and requested that the spouse go down and remain there till the fire was smothered. 

He vowed to conjure his forces meanwhile and fix the spouse. The spouse properly went down, and in his nonappearance, the Babaforced himself on the woman.

 He caught up with another round and compromised that if she didn't agree he would demolish her family with his capacity. 


The woman disclosed to her significant other who revealed the issue to the police.

 With new all-around mindfulness, the police took care of business and after due request and clinical assessment booked the Baba for assault under the IPC. 

The case was focused on the most optimized plan of attack court.

During the preliminary, the woman for obscure reasons denied that Baba Dwarkanath had assaulted her and said that most likely the demonstration was submitted by some other individual. 

Her proof was ignored by the officer who has now condemned the Baba Dwarkanath to 25 years prison term. 

This is an exacting discipline, and the supporters of the Baba are alarmed at the quantum of the sentence. The police have fixed the ashram. 


The case was moved from the neighborhood Sessions court to the most optimized plan of attack court and the preliminary finished inside four months.

 The case was heard by the extra region judge, Vivekanand Sharan Tripathi. He has separated from the prison term likewise forced a fine of Rs 25,000, and on its non-installment, the charged would need to experience a further prison term of 27 months. 

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